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Chatroulette are constantly changing their Token Algorithm. This means the Chatroulette Premium Token Generator must be updated daily. Our team spend 2-3 hours every day making sure that this

service is high quality.

Chatroulette Premium
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Note: To open the Chatroulette Premium Token Generator, you need a free decompression program such as WinRar or 7Zip

This service allows you to avoid seeing the hundreds of guys. We only ask that you do not abuse this service

Abuse means that the algorithm must be updated far more frequently

The history of our site started with a simple concept. Too many guys and not enough girls. When Chatroulette was developed by a Russian student in 2010, the potential was huge. This was not realised until the administrator allowed the option of purchasing tokens.

Since then, the website has grown hugely popular. As the popularity increased, so too has the price. The algorithmic code was cracked in February of 2012 and kept private until recently.

As of September 2013, the algorithm is being monitored weekly and through hard work and perseverance we are able to supply you with the tokens. In recent months a growing minority have been posting on the official Chatroulette forums demanding that a change in policy is implemented. The change desired is of course for females to be available to all. However, market forces are necessary to ensure a balance is achieved between the male-female ratio on the site. This ensures a pleasant experience for everyone able to access the females.

At, we hope that one day this service will be free for all, however as with other well known websites such as Omegle, the future outlookis promising and we will be sure to keep you all updated!